Rick Maidman Music and Riding


Horseback riding instruction for Riders five and up. Beginners to intermediate. Introduction to jumping and competition. Recreational riding or horse time sessions. Therapeutic riding classes. I have fourteen years experience working with special needs riders. Equines and certified equine learning facilitator available to work with health care professionals.45 minutes from Calgary, AB.


My philosophy is that we all start a the same place when it comes to horsemanship and equitation. We all learn at our own pace and in our own styles. So much of what we learn about Horsemanship can be applied to our relationships at home and in the work place. We all progress in accordance with our abilities. I am committed to providing a safe, fun environment for students of all abilities, to learn Equatation and Horsemanships skills.

As well as being fun, horseback riding provides lots of  great physical benefits and can help improve balance , coordination and can increase muscle tone.

I ‘m also a Equine Canada certified English instructor of beginners with the jump component And I’m a qualified Equine assisted learning facilitator. I offer Private lessons and clinics, corporate retreats and team building exercises. StarbeamStables is located approximately a half hour southeast of Calgary Alberta.




Happy trails !
Please direct inquiries  to rick@starbeamltd.ca

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